8 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

Today’s guest article comes from blogger Michael Dooley over at Mike’s Hosting Reviews. 

When I was in the Peace Corps, I decided that having a blog would be a sort of public diary that I could use to keep in touch with friends and family and update them all at once about my whereabouts and the specifics of what I was doing.

This is going to sound a little corny, but what I found out is that a blog is so much more! (I warned you about the corniness!)

A blog is wonderful tool, and it serves a purpose much higher than simply permitting you to share stories with friends and family when you are away in the Peace Corps.

In fact, I advocate starting and maintaining a blog for everyone, as mundane as you think your life is.

Yea, yea, yea, you’re probably thinking…get to the point, Mike. Why should I start a blog if I’m not doing something out of the ordinary like the Peace Corps? What good will it do me? And why will people be interested in my story?

Your story is your story, and it doesn’t matter if lots of people are interested in it or not. The people who are interested in it will read it. These are the people who are willing invest the time to keep up a relationship with you. A blog is perhaps one of the most underrated tools for intellectual development out there in modern day. If done right, it is the intellectual advancement club of the 21st century.

In the 1920s, legendary authors Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and their cronies sat around together in Paris bouncing ideas off of each other (and yes, probably also enjoying some adult beverages). In the 21st century, we have the privelage of being able to network with like minded people from all over the globe, while just sitting at our desk. A blog:

1) Helps you develop better writing skills

2) Helps you expand and advance seedlings of your ideas

3) Gives you the opportunity to network with other people (virtually, and in real life)

4) Helps you become more competent with technology

5) Gives you intelligent and unique points of view to bring up in real life conversations

6) Can be a great hard source to point to on your resumé

7) Is a great tool for chronicling general self-development

8) Can inspire others

If you notice, I’ve left off this list one reason that some people start a blog: to make money. Yes, you can make money from a blog eventually, but if this is your only motivation for starting a blog, you will most likely be disappointed. Most blogs that do make a decent amount of money make nothing for 1-2 years while they crank out content.

That being said, if you have an idea for a blog where you believe you are an expert who can talk intelligently about a topic, a blog may be the perfect medium for you to carry out your plan. A few awesome blogs that I have stumbled across:

http://theredpilljournal.com/ – A young man’s self development journey.

http://unemployedkat.com/ – This typical postgrad blogs about everything from boyfriends to puppies.

http://whichguayagain.wordpress.com/ – This young, handsome man’s blog chronicles 27 months in Paraguay as a Peace Corps Vol…Oh wait that’s myyy old blog ☺.

So there you have it, 8 solid reasons why you should start a blog or website. So what are you waiting for? Start your site today and write that first post!

Until Next Time,

Your Man who was 6’2″ tall in 8th grade then didn’t grow another inch,

Mike Dooley

I called 6 Hosting Companies to Talk to Customer Service. This is what I found

Years ago when I was starting my first website, I knew nothing about hosting. What is it?  All I knew was that different companies have different mascots and different prices. Now I know a lot about hosting, which is one of the reasons I decided to start this site–as a resource for people just getting started.

There is a lot you can learn about a hosting company just by calling them. So I did. And this is what I found:




The first company I called was GreenGeeks. They are a smaller company. When I called I got immediately through to support. No waiting time whatsoever. Very friendly, eager to help.

Reseller hosting is Linux based, which is the industry standard. For $3.96/month, you get an unlimited number of domains.

GreenGeeks headquarters is located in California north of Los Angeles.

They make it super easy to set up your site.

Why are they called ‘green?’ Every month they calculate the energy they use up from the grid, then buy 3x that amount in wind farm credits.

Want to Greenify your hosting? I definitely reccomend GreenGeeks. Customer Reviews are steller as well:



Bluehost Hosting Icon 

Bluehost is one of the highest ranked web hosting companies in the world. Customer Support, pricing, servers, it’s all quite top notch.

When I called Bluehost, I got through right away as well. Bluehost is also what I host this website on. Great speed, solid pricing plans. For $5 per month they give you a lot.

Bluehost is recommended by WordPress, the biggest blogging platform in the world. Bluehost’s technology syncs very well with WordPress, so you can rest assured that your Blog will be as awesome as it possibly can be.

Wordpress Recommends Bluehost 

I highly recommend using Bluehost and I say that 100% from experience since it’s what I’ve used for years. Customer service is great, features are great, and you can’t really go wrong.  Bluehost has the power of a big company with the customer service of a small one–the best of both worlds.




When I called iPage to talk to technical support, I was put on hold due to high call volume. I waited for 20 minutes before finally talking to someone. Not fun.

That being said, iPage is one of the most affordable hosting companies out there. You can’t beat their introductory offer of $1.68 per month. You can start your website right now and pay less then $50.

They do have 24 hour, U.S. based call support. iPage’s Main headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts but the call center is based in Phoenix.

According to the rep I talked to, iPage uses Apache and Netcann servers. “Unlimited” data storage applies, but only up to 25 gigs. I mean, that’s a ton of space, but still. Seemed more like ‘limited’ data storage.

If it’s a bargain you are going for, iPage is a good option. iPage gives you full WordPress capability and the other minimum features. But if it’s service you are looking for and you are willing to pay a couple extra bucks, I would go with GreenGeeks or Bluehost.




I’ve been seeing these guys around a lot lately so I thought I would call to see what the fuss is about.

I called and was put through immediately to tech support. A good sign. Then I found out some interesting info.

WebHostingHub is employee owned and operated with a 90 day money back return policy. They are rated A+ by the better business bureau.

Interestingly, you have to pay for the full year up front. There are no monthly plans. But then you still have that money back guarantee.

The WebHostingHub Headquarters is in Los Angeles, with a base in Virginia. Their datacenters are located in both places.

WebHostingHub is a solid hosting company and they hire very polite customer service people. I give WebHostingHub a thumbs up seven up! I like the fact that it is smaller and company owned.




When I called Hostgator I waited for 5 minutes before getting through to a rep who was very polite and helpful.

I like Hostgator. I’ve heard good things from people who use it.

They are open 24/7/365 for direct U.S. support. Unlimited diskspace and bandwidth.

Based in Austin and in Houston Texas. Servers are in Houston and in Utah.

Probably the coolest thing about Hostgator is the fact that their plans are month-to-month. Also, you can get started for just 1 cent for the first month, a pretty cool introductory offer. Hostgator gets a thumbs up from me.



The harsh reality of owning a business just got 30% less harsh. Save 30% with GoDaddy!

We’ve all seen the infamous line of Superbowl commercial that put GoDaddy on the map:

Regardless of questionable moral terpitude, it’s a genius campaign—associate sex with something everyone needs: websites. Even if it is a roundabout association.

But I digress. GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting companies around. According to site tests, it will make your site run faster then most of the competition. Many internet wizards theorize speed is good for SEO. I know that I rank fine for lots of keywords with my Bluehost hosting. But if I were signing up for hosting now, I would definitely consider giving them a try.

Godaddy Speed

According the rep I talked to, GoDaddy gives tons of support for your WordPress site, which is the industry standard these days. He was super polite and helpful.


Por Conclure

There are many companies out there these days who will allow you to get your website up and running. I use Bluehost and they are fantastic. If I were signing up today though, I might think about going with GreenGeeks to be environmentally friendly, or try GoDaddy to see if their faster load times really do impact SEO.

If this post was helpful, please click the share button. You never know who you might help! Happy Hosting!

The Ten Coolest New Domain Extensions

For as long as the internet has been around, the available domain extensions have been the standard .com, .org, .edu, .net, etc.

But this year, the internet is finally getting a makeover.

Recently, a host of new extensions were released.  Instead of just the standard, boring old domains, we got fun, new domains.  Allow me to introduce the best of the best, all of which shall be offered within the next year:

1) .Guru

Who in their right mind doesn’t want to be a guru at something?  I can see a whole host of awesome sites being started with the .guru tail.  Are you a beer guru?  A workout guru?  A guru of anything?  Register the .guru domain and Voila! you’ll have instant credibility.

2) .Ninja

Who in their right mind does not want to be a ninja?  Now, with the .ninja extension, you can do just that!  Do you want to be the ninja of soccer?  Music?  Money?  Just register your extension and you are good to go as a qualified ninja!

3) .Sexy

I can’t stop thinking of all the things that could be placed before the .sexy extension and intantly turn, well, sexy.  Thongs.sexy. Beercans.sexy.  Grandmas.sexy.  The possibilities are infinite.

4) .Best

Want to be the best at something but you’re not sure how to show it?  Do you have the best idea ever?  Just register the .best extension, and you’ll be money

5) .Futbol

One of the few non-English words on the domain extension list, I think .futbol will be blowing up.  I don’t know about you, but I’m preregistering all the domain names I can that have to do with .futbol.  (Especially on the heels of this awesome World cup of 2014 what what!)

6) .中文网

Even google translate couldn’t help me with this one.  Which leads me to believe that it is really sweet.  Who wouldn’t want an extenstion ending in .中文网?  I, for one, am all about .中文网.

7) .Xyz

As one of the few nonsensical domain extensions added to the list, .xyz stands out.  Does your website idea not really fit in to any one of the 100′s of new extensions?  Well, problem solved.  XYZ!

8) .Expert

Have you ever wanted to be an expert at something, but just don’t have the time to put in the work?  Just kidding, you would never do that…  I meant, are you an expert at something but you aren’t sure how to show it?  With a .expert domain tail, your problem is solved!

9) .Coffee

Why does coffee have a specific domain extension, you might be thinking.  Well has someone who has worked a brunch shift at a busy restaurant, let me tell you, people drink coffee like the world’s supply is ending.  As awesome as this extension is, I’m not sure how many people would actually use it.  Farmers?  Barista blogs?  Still.  The randomness of this extension is what makes it #9.

10) .Kiwi

I’m not sure if ICANN (the organization deciding domain extensions) just really loves this particular fruit, or if this domain is supposed to be an homage those nice folks living down under.  The sky is really the limit for what you want to do with a fruit as your domain extension!

There may even been some sweeter domains coming into play, like .moto, .vodka., .beer, and those will all be pretty awesome too.  If you are interested in investing in internet real estate, now is a great time to do so!  Check out my iPage vs Bluehost or Bluehost vs Hostgator reviews if you are thinking about registering for a hosting company and want to register some of those sweet new tails for yourself!

GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Which is Better?

If you’re interesting in building a website and having it hosted, then it’s important to know which host provider to go with. When it comes to WordPress, the two big names in the hosting business are GreenGeeks and BlueHost. GreenGeeks is known for being a reputable green web hosting provider while BlueHost has had more than eighteen years in the industry of web hosting. So in an argument of GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost, which web hosting provider is going to prevail?

GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Pricing

GreenGeeks is capable providing web hosting services to any customer for the price of $7.95 per month, while BlueHost offers services for $6.99 per month. However, both providers are always offering discounts throughout the year for new customers to save big on their initial costs. With the costs being so similar and the plethora of freebies that are provided, such as a free site builder, free themes and plugins, and one free domain name, it can be difficult to determine the winner in GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost. One key selling point, however, is that GreenGeeks has a 30-day money back guarantee, while BlueHost promises your money back at any time.

GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Features

Both web hosting providers offer an all-in-one WordPress hosting which provides their customers with all of the features that they need to build an effective website. With the offers of unlimited disk storage, sub domains, email accounts, and the use of coding languages such as Perl and PHP, the possibilities are endless in what you can do to build your WordPress website. GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost still seems to stand on equal ground to each other, with neither pulling ahead of the other. The video below shows just how easy it is to install WordPress with GreenGeeks:

GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Technical Support

Technical support will make or break a web hosting provider’s business. Many of the people who build their websites are not technically minded, so having a technical support that can help them with their problems at any time of the day is a big bonus. Both providers are available 24/7, with trained and helpful staff that is always eager to help. They both also provide online Help Centers so customers can find their questions already answered if they don’t want to submit a question to the staff.

GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Conclusion

When it comes to GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost, it can be difficult to tell which web hosting provider would come out on top. They offer excellent quality services, are eager to provide assistance to their customers, and provide all of the key features and tools that customers need to beef up their websites. GreenGeeks has been slated to be a more eco-friendly service provider, while BlueHost is much more cost effective, but there is really no other difference between the two. In a battle of GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost, if you’re interested in saving the environment, GreenGeeks is for you, but if you want to save a little extra cash, BlueHost can provide you with the same quality service.

What ever you choose, happy hosting!

Hostgator vs iPage

Hostgator vs iPage in 2014

If you are caught up in the Hostgator vs iPage dilemma, this concise and in-depth review will help you make the final decision between the two popular hosting companies!

Hostgator serves over 5 millions customers, and iPage is also in the millions. In terms of reputation, Hostgator comes out slightly ahead of Hostgator.

iPage and Hostgator differ is the number of domains that you can host. With Hostgator’s Baby Plan for $3.95, you can only have 1 domain, whereas with iPage you may host unlimited domains for just $1.99 per month. In order to host unlimited domains with Hostgator, you must upgrade to the hatchling plan which costs $6.96 per month.

A little known fact is that Hostgator and iPage are actually owned by the same company, Endurance International Group. The brands utilize different facilities, however: Hostgator’s servers are located in Utah, and iPage’s servers are located in Boston.

All in all, we have found that iPage’s low price may indeed be deceiving, as it seems to be just as high quality of a web hosting company as Hostgator when it comes down to it. Why pay more for something that is just is good? Sometimes, as much as we think that the more costly product will be higher quality, that does not have to be the case.

Our editors’ pick: iPage.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Some people get confused choosing between hostgator vs dreamhost, most of them for small business entrepreneur or personal blogging.Both have very good brand value and customer response.

Hope our review will help you to choose which one fits according to your needs.

Who’s been longer:

Dreamhost established at 1998 that means they’re in the market for 16 years and Hostgator started their business in 2002 that means dreamhost is in the market for longer than hostgator.

Dreamhost is in the market for 16 years and hostgator from 12 years.


Here is the summarised feature comparison between hostgator and Dreamhost.

Hostgator Dreamhost
High reputation in providing high quality web hosting. High quality web hosting
cPanel is adopted to simplify the management of website statistics, files, databases, emails and domains no mention
Free 24×7 responsive technical support is accessible via toll-free telephone, live chat and email. Impressive customer care support
Upgradable options meet the growing demands as small business websites expand. Upgradable according to demand
The web hosting service is as low as $3.71/mo The web hosting service is as low as $8.95/mo



Hostgator got a full bag of mindblowing including Cpanel with load of customization at only 3.71/month and Dreamhost offering hosting service at $8.95/mo

Customer service:

Dreamhost provides free support via email only, on the other hand, hostgator provides instant online free chat with customer care associates.

Customer care chat is very responsive and effective.


Performance is almost same both is fast and smooth.Didn’t faced any problems and obstacles.

I would prefer to go with hostgator between hostgator vs dreamhost because they have responsive customer care service, better price and long business history.

Have a nice day!

Dreamhost vs GoDaddy

are you thinking of choosing between dreamhost vs godaddy for your website and looking for a rich review and comparison then you’ve reached the right place.

There are thousands of articles are out there but I think this will help you to choose that which one suits you and which one fulfills all of your purposes.


Who has been around longer?

Godaddy and dramhost are both pretty much popular in the market, but Dreamhost was founded in 1996, and godaddy started their business in 1997.

So the thing is clear Dreamhost is in the market for 17 years and godaddy for 16 years.


feature comparison between dreamhost an godaddy

Features Dreamhost Godaddy
Free Domain 1 for life No
Disk Space unlimited 100gb
Sub-Domains Unlimited 25
MysQl Databases Unlimited 10
Email accounts unlimited 100


Dreamhost vs Godaddy in 2014; an escape from the worst (Godaddy)


Godaddy has a cheap starter pric of 8.95$/moth where Dreamhost got a little higher price as 5.19$/month but if you look at the serices they are providing you’ll be convinced.Just watchout the in depth comparison between and Godaddy

Customer service:

Both are pretty much appreceated for great customer care service.Both has a huge team of customer care specialists.Anytime you need any help they’re always there to help you 24/7.



Godaddy is popular for its fast wordpress installing performance, and dreamhost is popular for its vast easy to use features, in some catagories they perform almost same, we can consider as a tie between dreamhost and godaddy.

At the end of the day if you look at the whole comparison you’ll find that dreamhost wins between dreamhost vs godaddy .I htink dreamhost will keep discovering their new service for new users and keep their devotion alive for past customers.

Fatcow vs ipage

Every time we think of choosing between Fatcow vs ipage for our website we get confused and sometime we fail to choose according to our purpose.

This review article will surely help you if you are confused between Fatcow and ipage.

There are multiple issues and categories which you have to analyze to know which one is better and supposed to provide better service.


Who has been long around?

Fatcow was established in October 2, 2008 that means there in the market for 6 years till now, on the other hand Ipage is providing hosting service from 1998 that means they’ve ruling the market for 16 years.

Ipage is in the market for 10 years more than Fatcow



Here is a concise comparison between Ipage and Fatcow, just see the charts, things will be clear to you.

Ipage Fatcow
Free Website Builder Free Website Builder
Free Website Security Software No
Instant online chat support Chat Support
Cheapest as $1.68/mo $4.08/ month 



Pricing :

if you look at their service list and compare price, you’ll notice many similar services there are in common but Ipage is providing hosting service including website security software at as low as 1.68$ per month and Fatcow is providing their hosting service at 4.08$


Customer service:

As i’ve mentioned before in features section that Ipage has a welcome screen with a Chat box that means you can chat with the customer care agent when you just enter into their site, Fatcow has also customer care service with online chat service which is not a welcome chat. That says how much ipage cares about their new customers.


Both have a good performance and solid server speed, but according to some user said that ipage is little faster than fatcow in making blog sites, WordPress works fine.I got almost the same speed when I switched to ipage.


After all the analysis, we can come to the decision that ipage is the clear winner between ipage vs fatcow.Every time you choose your hosting, choose according to your need.

Have a good day

Bluehost vs Hostmonster

Thinking of creating your very own websitefor you or your business and got confused between Bluehost and hostmonster, hope our this article will help you to choose which one suits you between bluehost vs hostmonster.

Who’s been long around:

Blue host and hostmonster both are establisehd in 1996 both are doing fine these years and did really well in this 18 years, They’ve developed really good hosting services.


Here is the simple feature comparison between Bluehost and hostmonster-

Feature Bluehost Hostmonster
Disk space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
C-panel yes yes
price 3.95$/month 3.95$/month



The most interesting thing is these two companies are owned by same owner and almost all the features are same including price.Both have a starting price of 3.95$/month for hosting.

Customer service:

Both websites have almost same customer care service including live chat options.Customer care service is pretty responsive and helpful.


As they are using almost same hardware they are performing almost same but some reports said that Bluehost has s faster loading speed than hostmonster.They both have the same team working for them.The report said bluehost is almost 7% faster than hostmonster.


After all the analysis, it is clear that, Bluehost is the winner between Bluehost vs Hostmonster. because of it’s performance And it’s loading speed.

Have a nice day!

Bluehost vs Fatcow

Fatcow vs Bluehost in 2014: Who Has Better Hosting?

In today’s world of cut-throat competition for advertising and the World Wide Web, a key aspect is the best web hosting provider in terms of designing, managing and marketing your website.  In the pursuit of the best web hosting provider for web hosting shoppers, we are putting two mammoth names to the test in this review of BlueHost vs FatCow. If you are debating Fatcow vs Bluehost, this review will help you decide.

Both companies commenced their businesses in the late 90s and hence, the obvious comparison. If one takes a closer look at the features the companies possess, one would find very minor differences and quite a few similarities.  Both BlueHost and FactCow have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts and the like. Talking of the control panels, BlueHost gains an upper hand with cPanel which is definitely familiar to customers while FatCow has vDeck. The technical support that is included in both companies are 24/7 service comprising phone and email, video tutorials provided from BlueHost whereas FatCow lags behind with limited online resources.

Both the companies have free set up and are pioneers in the web service providing market. While FatCow is powered by 100% wind energy, BlueHost boasts of VPS Protection Technology. What’s more, BlueHost has almost 2 million satisfied customers worldwide while FatCow is concentrated mainly in the western U.S.

With regard to popularity, BlueHost excels with world ranking of 12 while FatCow dawdles behind at number 63. However, FatCow subscribers have a reason to celebrate as it is cost effective, being just $49 per year which means FatCow is giving away a fat 50%  discount in its subscription currently while BlueHost comes at a more pocket-pinching $4.95 per month. Comparing other  aspects, it is noteworthy to mention here that FatCow gives a stipulated time period of 30-day money back guarantee while BlueHost doesn’t have any time restriction on its money back. Nevertheless, the My SQL Database for FatCow is unlimited while that of BlueHost is a measly 100 databases. Yet, its leverage lies in the fact that it has such extensive technical support with tutorials and live chat apart from the add-ons such as free domain name, unlimited file transfer and automated backups.

In a nutshell, the Bluehost vs fatcow debate could be a close. However, considering various factors that pique the interest of webmasters–price, core features, server uptime–BlueHost can be a better choice  with its

  • VPS Protection Technology,
  • Extensive technical support including video tutorials,
  • User friendly cPanel, and
  • Concrete5

To emphasize how customer friendly and reputable Bluehost is as a web hosting company, it is important to note that the best blogging company around, WordPress, lists Bluehost as their preferred web hosting provider:

It is notable that WordPress users include companies like Forbes, CNN, and even musicians such as Jay-Z.

It is truly wonderful to be alive and experiencing the leveling-out of the internet, where Mr. Little from a small town can start a blog for a hundred dollars or less that is just as attractive as one using

So, to review the BLuehost vs Fatcow debate, Bluehost is more reputable, has faster load times, and is reccomended by the biggest blog host in the world. Bluehost is what I use to host this blog and all other websites I run.   If you don’t want to sacrifice quality for what amounts to about $15 extra per year, go with Bluehost.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share or like this article if you found it useful. Happy hosting!