I called 6 Hosting Companies to Talk to Customer Service. This is what I found

Years ago when I was starting my first website, I knew nothing about hosting. What is it?  All I knew was that different companies have different mascots and different prices. Now I know a lot about hosting, which is one of the reasons I decided to start this site–as a resource for people just getting started.

There is a lot you can learn about a hosting company just by calling them. So I did. And this is what I found:




The first company I called was GreenGeeks. They are a smaller company. When I called I got immediately through to support. No waiting time whatsoever. Very friendly, eager to help.

Reseller hosting is Linux based, which is the industry standard. For $3.96/month, you get an unlimited number of domains.

GreenGeeks headquarters is located in California north of Los Angeles.

They make it super easy to set up your site.

Why are they called ‘green?’ Every month they calculate the energy they use up from the grid, then buy 3x that amount in wind farm credits.

Want to Greenify your hosting? I definitely reccomend GreenGeeks. Customer Reviews are steller as well:



Bluehost Hosting Icon 

Bluehost is one of the highest ranked web hosting companies in the world. Customer Support, pricing, servers, it’s all quite top notch.

When I called Bluehost, I got through right away as well. Bluehost is also what I host this website on. Great speed, solid pricing plans. For $5 per month they give you a lot.

Bluehost is recommended by WordPress, the biggest blogging platform in the world. Bluehost’s technology syncs very well with WordPress, so you can rest assured that your Blog will be as awesome as it possibly can be.

Wordpress Recommends Bluehost 

I highly recommend using Bluehost and I say that 100% from experience since it’s what I’ve used for years. Customer service is great, features are great, and you can’t really go wrong.  Bluehost has the power of a big company with the customer service of a small one–the best of both worlds.




When I called iPage to talk to technical support, I was put on hold due to high call volume. I waited for 20 minutes before finally talking to someone. Not fun.

That being said, iPage is one of the most affordable hosting companies out there. You can’t beat their introductory offer of $1.68 per month. You can start your website right now and pay less then $50.

They do have 24 hour, U.S. based call support. iPage’s Main headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts but the call center is based in Phoenix.

According to the rep I talked to, iPage uses Apache and Netcann servers. “Unlimited” data storage applies, but only up to 25 gigs. I mean, that’s a ton of space, but still. Seemed more like ‘limited’ data storage.

If it’s a bargain you are going for, iPage is a good option. iPage gives you full WordPress capability and the other minimum features. But if it’s service you are looking for and you are willing to pay a couple extra bucks, I would go with GreenGeeks or Bluehost.




I’ve been seeing these guys around a lot lately so I thought I would call to see what the fuss is about.

I called and was put through immediately to tech support. A good sign. Then I found out some interesting info.

WebHostingHub is employee owned and operated with a 90 day money back return policy. They are rated A+ by the better business bureau.

Interestingly, you have to pay for the full year up front. There are no monthly plans. But then you still have that money back guarantee.

The WebHostingHub Headquarters is in Los Angeles, with a base in Virginia. Their datacenters are located in both places.

WebHostingHub is a solid hosting company and they hire very polite customer service people. I give WebHostingHub a thumbs up seven up! I like the fact that it is smaller and company owned.




When I called Hostgator I waited for 5 minutes before getting through to a rep who was very polite and helpful.

I like Hostgator. I’ve heard good things from people who use it.

They are open 24/7/365 for direct U.S. support. Unlimited diskspace and bandwidth.

Based in Austin and in Houston Texas. Servers are in Houston and in Utah.

Probably the coolest thing about Hostgator is the fact that their plans are month-to-month. Also, you can get started for just 1 cent for the first month, a pretty cool introductory offer. Hostgator gets a thumbs up from me.



The harsh reality of owning a business just got 30% less harsh. Save 30% with GoDaddy!

We’ve all seen the infamous line of Superbowl commercial that put GoDaddy on the map:

Regardless of questionable moral terpitude, it’s a genius campaign—associate sex with something everyone needs: websites. Even if it is a roundabout association.

But I digress. GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting companies around. According to site tests, it will make your site run faster then most of the competition. Many internet wizards theorize speed is good for SEO. I know that I rank fine for lots of keywords with my Bluehost hosting. But if I were signing up for hosting now, I would definitely consider giving them a try.

Godaddy Speed

According the rep I talked to, GoDaddy gives tons of support for your WordPress site, which is the industry standard these days. He was super polite and helpful.


Por Conclure

There are many companies out there these days who will allow you to get your website up and running. I use Bluehost and they are fantastic. If I were signing up today though, I might think about going with GreenGeeks to be environmentally friendly, or try GoDaddy to see if their faster load times really do impact SEO.

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