Hostgator vs iPage

Hostgator vs iPage in 2014

If you are caught up in the Hostgator vs iPage dilemma, this concise and in-depth review will help you make the final decision between the two popular hosting companies!

Hostgator serves over 5 millions customers, and iPage is also in the millions. In terms of reputation, Hostgator comes out slightly ahead of Hostgator.

iPage and Hostgator differ is the number of domains that you can host. With Hostgator’s Baby Plan for $3.95, you can only have 1 domain, whereas with iPage you may host unlimited domains for just $1.99 per month. In order to host unlimited domains with Hostgator, you must upgrade to the hatchling plan which costs $6.96 per month.

A little known fact is that Hostgator and iPage are actually owned by the same company, Endurance International Group. The brands utilize different facilities, however: Hostgator’s servers are located in Utah, and iPage’s servers are located in Boston.

All in all, we have found that iPage’s low price may indeed be deceiving, as it seems to be just as high quality of a web hosting company as Hostgator when it comes down to it. Why pay more for something that is just is good? Sometimes, as much as we think that the more costly product will be higher quality, that does not have to be the case.

Our editors’ pick: iPage.