Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Some people get confused choosing between hostgator vs dreamhost, most of them for small business entrepreneur or personal blogging.Both have very good brand value and customer response.

Hope our review will help you to choose which one fits according to your needs.

Who’s been longer:

Dreamhost established at 1998 that means they’re in the market for 16 years and Hostgator started their business in 2002 that means dreamhost is in the market for longer than hostgator.

Dreamhost is in the market for 16 years and hostgator from 12 years.


Here is the summarised feature comparison between hostgator and Dreamhost.

Hostgator Dreamhost
High reputation in providing high quality web hosting. High quality web hosting
cPanel is adopted to simplify the management of website statistics, files, databases, emails and domains no mention
Free 24×7 responsive technical support is accessible via toll-free telephone, live chat and email. Impressive customer care support
Upgradable options meet the growing demands as small business websites expand. Upgradable according to demand
The web hosting service is as low as $3.71/mo The web hosting service is as low as $8.95/mo



Hostgator got a full bag of mindblowing including Cpanel with load of customization at only 3.71/month and Dreamhost offering hosting service at $8.95/mo

Customer service:

Dreamhost provides free support via email only, on the other hand, hostgator provides instant online free chat with customer care associates.

Customer care chat is very responsive and effective.


Performance is almost same both is fast and smooth.Didn’t faced any problems and obstacles.

I would prefer to go with hostgator between hostgator vs dreamhost because they have responsive customer care service, better price and long business history.

Have a nice day!