GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Which is Better?

If you’re interesting in building a website and having it hosted, then it’s important to know which host provider to go with. When it comes to WordPress, the two big names in the hosting business are GreenGeeks and BlueHost. GreenGeeks is known for being a reputable green web hosting provider while BlueHost has had more than eighteen years in the industry of web hosting. So in an argument of GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost, which web hosting provider is going to prevail?

GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Pricing

GreenGeeks is capable providing web hosting services to any customer for the price of $7.95 per month, while BlueHost offers services for $6.99 per month. However, both providers are always offering discounts throughout the year for new customers to save big on their initial costs. With the costs being so similar and the plethora of freebies that are provided, such as a free site builder, free themes and plugins, and one free domain name, it can be difficult to determine the winner in GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost. One key selling point, however, is that GreenGeeks has a 30-day money back guarantee, while BlueHost promises your money back at any time.

GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Features

Both web hosting providers offer an all-in-one WordPress hosting which provides their customers with all of the features that they need to build an effective website. With the offers of unlimited disk storage, sub domains, email accounts, and the use of coding languages such as Perl and PHP, the possibilities are endless in what you can do to build your WordPress website. GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost still seems to stand on equal ground to each other, with neither pulling ahead of the other. The video below shows just how easy it is to install WordPress with GreenGeeks:

GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Technical Support

Technical support will make or break a web hosting provider’s business. Many of the people who build their websites are not technically minded, so having a technical support that can help them with their problems at any time of the day is a big bonus. Both providers are available 24/7, with trained and helpful staff that is always eager to help. They both also provide online Help Centers so customers can find their questions already answered if they don’t want to submit a question to the staff.

GreenGeeks Vs BlueHost: Conclusion

When it comes to GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost, it can be difficult to tell which web hosting provider would come out on top. They offer excellent quality services, are eager to provide assistance to their customers, and provide all of the key features and tools that customers need to beef up their websites. GreenGeeks has been slated to be a more eco-friendly service provider, while BlueHost is much more cost effective, but there is really no other difference between the two. In a battle of GreenGeeks vs. BlueHost, if you’re interested in saving the environment, GreenGeeks is for you, but if you want to save a little extra cash, BlueHost can provide you with the same quality service.

What ever you choose, happy hosting!