Fatcow vs ipage

Every time we think of choosing between Fatcow vs ipage for our website we get confused and sometime we fail to choose according to our purpose.

This review article will surely help you if you are confused between Fatcow and ipage.

There are multiple issues and categories which you have to analyze to know which one is better and supposed to provide better service.


Who has been long around?

Fatcow was established in October 2, 2008 that means there in the market for 6 years till now, on the other hand Ipage is providing hosting service from 1998 that means they’ve ruling the market for 16 years.

Ipage is in the market for 10 years more than Fatcow



Here is a concise comparison between Ipage and Fatcow, just see the charts, things will be clear to you.

Ipage Fatcow
Free Website Builder Free Website Builder
Free Website Security Software No
Instant online chat support Chat Support
Cheapest as $1.68/mo $4.08/ month 



Pricing :

if you look at their service list and compare price, you’ll notice many similar services there are in common but Ipage is providing hosting service including website security software at as low as 1.68$ per month and Fatcow is providing their hosting service at 4.08$


Customer service:

As i’ve mentioned before in features section that Ipage has a welcome screen with a Chat box that means you can chat with the customer care agent when you just enter into their site, Fatcow has also customer care service with online chat service which is not a welcome chat. That says how much ipage cares about their new customers.


Both have a good performance and solid server speed, but according to some user said that ipage is little faster than fatcow in making blog sites, WordPress works fine.I got almost the same speed when I switched to ipage.


After all the analysis, we can come to the decision that ipage is the clear winner between ipage vs fatcow.Every time you choose your hosting, choose according to your need.

Have a good day