Dreamhost vs GoDaddy

are you thinking of choosing between dreamhost vs godaddy for your website and looking for a rich review and comparison then you’ve reached the right place.

There are thousands of articles are out there but I think this will help you to choose that which one suits you and which one fulfills all of your purposes.


Who has been around longer?

Godaddy and dramhost are both pretty much popular in the market, but Dreamhost was founded in 1996, and godaddy started their business in 1997.

So the thing is clear Dreamhost is in the market for 17 years and godaddy for 16 years.


feature comparison between dreamhost an godaddy

Features Dreamhost Godaddy
Free Domain 1 for life No
Disk Space unlimited 100gb
Sub-Domains Unlimited 25
MysQl Databases Unlimited 10
Email accounts unlimited 100


Dreamhost vs Godaddy in 2014; an escape from the worst (Godaddy)


Godaddy has a cheap starter pric of 8.95$/moth where Dreamhost got a little higher price as 5.19$/month but if you look at the serices they are providing you’ll be convinced.Just watchout the in depth comparison between and Godaddy

Customer service:

Both are pretty much appreceated for great customer care service.Both has a huge team of customer care specialists.Anytime you need any help they’re always there to help you 24/7.



Godaddy is popular for its fast wordpress installing performance, and dreamhost is popular for its vast easy to use features, in some catagories they perform almost same, we can consider as a tie between dreamhost and godaddy.

At the end of the day if you look at the whole comparison you’ll find that dreamhost wins between dreamhost vs godaddy .I htink dreamhost will keep discovering their new service for new users and keep their devotion alive for past customers.