Bluehost vs Hostmonster

Thinking of creating your very own websitefor you or your business and got confused between Bluehost and hostmonster, hope our this article will help you to choose which one suits you between bluehost vs hostmonster.

Who’s been long around:

Blue host and hostmonster both are establisehd in 1996 both are doing fine these years and did really well in this 18 years, They’ve developed really good hosting services.


Here is the simple feature comparison between Bluehost and hostmonster-

Feature Bluehost Hostmonster
Disk space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
C-panel yes yes
price 3.95$/month 3.95$/month



The most interesting thing is these two companies are owned by same owner and almost all the features are same including price.Both have a starting price of 3.95$/month for hosting.

Customer service:

Both websites have almost same customer care service including live chat options.Customer care service is pretty responsive and helpful.


As they are using almost same hardware they are performing almost same but some reports said that Bluehost has s faster loading speed than hostmonster.They both have the same team working for them.The report said bluehost is almost 7% faster than hostmonster.


After all the analysis, it is clear that, Bluehost is the winner between Bluehost vs Hostmonster. because of it’s performance And it’s loading speed.

Have a nice day!