Bluehost vs GoDaddy

I’ve heard the debates about Godaddy vs BluehostBluehost vs Godaddy and so forth. I would like to put them with this review.

Bluehost vs Godaddy: Reputation

When the topic of quality hosting companies comes up, Bluehost and Godaddy are consistently in the conversation. Dreamhost and Hostgator earned their reputations through more than 10+ years of good service.  However, the way both companies market themselves is completely opposite. Recall Godaddy’s infamous superbowl commercial:

The video catches your attention…But does it tell you anything about the quality of the product?

Bluehost’s campaign, however, is quite humble. And it, you know, actually gives you information about the company:

Clear Reputation Winner: Bluehost. GoDaddy bought their reputation, while Bluehost earned theirs with superior service.

Pricing and Features

Bluehost has plans ranging from $4.95 to $6.95 per month, depending on how many months you commit to.  But all of their plans include unlimited space and domains, and great customer service.

Godaddy’s plans range from $6.99 to $14.99, and only the delux plan at $8.99 includes unlimited domains.

See the plans and pricing in detail for Bluehost here and Godaddy here.

Winner: Bluehost.  

GoDaddy vs Bluehost – Ease of Use

Bluehost and GoDaddy both use cPanel. This is an important aspect of web hosting.

Many hosting reviews go on about the usability of the cPanel of a particular company.  I am here to tell you that since the majority of sites are hosted with a hosting company and then published using the WordPress dashboard, you spend all of your time on Thesis In theory, the cPanel is important. But in practice, when you are working on your website, you spend about 95% of your time dealing with wordpress and not on the cPanel.  If you want to deck out your website with an incredibly beautiful theme like Thesis (what this site is made from), the usability of both sites is virtually the same.

Winner: Tie.  All three let you harness the power and beauty of WordPress!

Customer Service and Support

I’ve been with Bluehost for years and they have literally never let me down.  I’ve web chatted with them, I’ve called them, and no matter what the problem is

On the other hand, GoDaddy has a reputation as a money making company with poor service. The fact is that stories of customers who weren’t able to get this or that from their rep abound.  Although personally I have never had any problems with them.

Winners: Bluehost. 

Performance and Reliability

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the performance and reliability of all three providers.  Godaddy claims to be faster than Bluehost, but this is debatable.  Both have 99.9% uptime gaurantees, which is an important factor. We all remember the scene from Social Networks where Mark Zuckerburg exclaims, “But we NEVER go down.  That is why people trust us!” So uptime is important.

Winner: Tie.  Both have solid performance and reliability.

Bluehost vs GoDaddy Debate – Final Thoughts

You can probably tell by now that I am not a big fan of GoDaddy. This is mostly due to the superior customer service, reputation, and product of Bluehost.   Bluehost will bend over backwards to find what you need and help you, be it with web design, domain registration, or billing.

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Happy hosting!